Razavi International Journal of Medicine : 2016, Volume 4, Issue 3, Sep Abstracts XML

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Telemedicine Acceptance and Implementation in Developing Countries: Benefits, Categories, and Barriers   Review Article
Clinical and Histopathology Features of Spitz Nevus: In 22 Cases   Research Article
Echocardiographic Test and the Early Detection of Systolic Failure in Systemic Sclerosis Patients: Strain and Strain Rate Echocardiography   Research Article
The Relationship Between Some Teaching Micro Skills During Classroom Teaching and the Level of Students’ Learning   Research Article
Service Quality Measurement of the Student Counseling Center Using SERVQUAL Model   Research Article
The Predictive Role of Early Trauma Dimensions on Self-Esteem in 11 - 13- Year-Old Students: Controlling the Role of Maladaptive Schema   Research Article
A Hierarchical Model for Autism Spectrum Disorder (HMASD)   Research Article
Victimizing Researchers by Phishing   Letter